Thais Aguiar

Graduated in Arts and Education and qualified in Visual Arts, Thais holds a postgraduate degree in Cinema and is currently attending a Master’s programme in Intercultural Relations at UAB – Lisbon. She has extensive experience in graphic design and as a documentary filmmaker. Thais has lived in Zurich for ten years, the city she is enamored with and attempts to unveil through audiovisual mediums.

Andréa Cocchiarale

Andréa is an expat living in Switzerland for the past 15 years, ten of them in the Zurich area. She has been working with expats since 2005, first at the Integration Office in Frauenfeld (TG), and then assisting executives who recently moved to Zurich. Andréa has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a Swiss Certificate of Advanced Studies in Event Management.

Yvonne Lemmer

Yvonne was born and raised in the Canton of Zurich. At her last job in an international sports organisation in Zurich she has worked with expats from all over the world. Yvonne holds a bachelor's degree in business communications and works as editor. She makes the Swiss part of the New Town Zurich publishers’ team.